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Monday, January 12th, 2009
8:10 pm
I have been thinking of getting this game for awhile and I think I might be picking it up in the next day or two but I wanted to see how many furs out there play Guild Wars. I have played EQ2, FFXI, WoW, and Warhammer, and I'm looking for something new. I was wanting to know if there is a "Furry Server" or something like that and which of the Guild War games to get. If it matters, I tend to play the warrior class or "Tank" class.

Current Mood: happy
Friday, September 5th, 2008
3:21 pm
A new world for Furries to play in!!
If you love MMO's and you love Furries and you love being able to play as a furry in an MMO world for FREE, check this out!!! I just signed up yesterday and am loving this game!!

Friday, January 26th, 2007
2:26 am
Something I posted on GuildWarsGuru

First, thanks in advance for reading and/or adding to this thread.

Now lets get down to buisness. I want to make Guild Wars better for everyone. I know this isn't exactly possible, but the farther reaching my goals the better the chances that it will positively effect more people. Are you with me? Good.

I know I have done my fair share of complaining to GW Support about various things and have gotten plenty of cut&paste jobs. Usually they say to chat in a forum such as this, share your ideas there because developers sometimes look over them and see what's being talked about.

So here's the plan; I want everyone to help out and fill this thread with a bunch of grievances -and- ways to make things better.

For example, a big one (in my mind) is the current state of buying/selling things. I'm sure you've noticed when you go into Lions Arch or Droknars you have tons and tons of people blasting the local tab with their adverts.

I've taken a bit of time to ask them why they are basically spamming the local chat with their sales and usually get something like 'people just turn off their trade chat', which is ironic because I'd imagine most people turn off their trade chat because they are not interested in buying or selling at the moment. And, I'm sure, it's just far too 'busy' for them to follow anyways.

My point is: The trade system is very broken and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

I know that many people here have suggested an auction house (yes, I -can- use the search function). It's something used in FFXI and maybe in WoW (I don't play either), but even that has some issues and I don't really think auction houses are the answer.

My suggestion? It's not entirely original but basically, cheap, searchable classifieds.

- Cheap, only a few gold to post (mostly to stop abuse).
- Searchable, ease of shopping for prospective buyers.
- Inclusion, ads will be avalible to all users so target audience is reached.
- Saves time, set-up the ad and go play the game, less time wasted.
- Saves effort, no more selling on the streets, we got better things to do.

This will clear up quite a few current issues, like:
1.) Spamming, will basically become obsolete so no one will do it anymore.
2.) Harassment, advertising in the improper areas will slow/stop.
3.) Server slowdowns, due to tradebots and just masses of people actively trying to sell things.

So what do you guys think about that? Think anyone could back me up on this one, maybe sign a petition or something?

How about any other ideas or suggestions? How about a different grievance all together?

Lets have at it!


Current Mood: determined
Thursday, January 25th, 2007
11:15 pm
Guild Wars, MMO of the Year 2006

Yep, it's cool. :) Though it has some things about it that are REALLY starting to grate on me. ~_~
Sunday, January 21st, 2007
2:02 pm
Too many spammers! x_x
I've been reporting people for a few hours now. I ask them to stop doing this crap:

W T S GOLD SWORD +20% DAMAGE +20 HEALTH WISPER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
W T S GOLD SWORD +20% DAMAGE +20 HEALTH WISPER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
W T S GOLD SWORD +20% DAMAGE +20 HEALTH WISPER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
W T S GOLD SWORD +20% DAMAGE +20 HEALTH WISPER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad enough that people do that (kind of annoying spamming) at all, but they do it in the local chat even though there is a Trade tab made just for buying/selling. Of the people I asked, all of them got very rude while I stayed professional. One even started name calling and asked if I was 14 and further said he could get me banned.

Oh yeah, I definately reported that one. So far today 3 specific reports and one report of about 15 people. The local chat was just filled with ads and spam. I'm sick and tired of the freakin' spam and I know other people are too because they say to stop spamming. I guess I just take it to that next level and report it.

Anyone else get annoyed by all the spam?

Current Mood: grumpy
10:37 am
Copy & Paste Reply...
Well, I was feeling bitchy after playing Factions for a bit... getting frustrated with how horribly hard the game is compared to the first GW or even Nightfall.. So I wrote to NCsoft, labled it as a suggestion about gameplay...

Subject: Guild Wars Factions? More like Guild Wars Frustrating!
I love the first Guild Wars and I've been loving Nightfall too... what's up with Factions? It was like hitting a brick wall. The difficulty was through the roof, not just the combat but just navigation through those complicated cities. It's not enjoyable only 15 hours into the game to be sent on a required mission that's harder than the last mission of the original guildwars. I mean what's the logic in that? I honestly stopped playing Factions all together because I was just only getting frustrated with the thing.

I want to play, I want to go through the story line, I want to max out my assassin... but I can't! The beyond hard overtone of this game has shoved me away over and over again. I feel almost jipped out of $50 because I have a game too hard to enjoy.

The difficulty is beyond challenging, it's just annoying. Wave after wave of enemy... is that all I have to look forward to in Factions? They just keep popping out of the ground, no skill or tactics are needed, just brute force.

Please tweak the game and make Factions easier. Make the uber hard stuff something you want to go and do, not forced uppon the regular/casual user by inserting it into the required portions of the game.

Thanks for reading.


o.O Yeah I was a tad grumpy ^^; And their reply?


Thank you for contacting Guild Wars Support about this.

We encourage you to consider posting your suggestions on one of many of the Guild Wars Fansite message boards. A compiled list can be found on the official Guild Wars web site at http://www.guildwars.com/community/fansites/. By posting on one of these message boards, other players can comment on your ideas, concerns, and suggestions, and Development Team members are able to catch up on what the community wants to see in Guild Wars. Fansite forums make it easy and efficient for us to learn from those playing the game.

Thank you for your efforts in assisting us to make Guild Wars the best gaming experience possible.

The Guild Wars Support Team

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Thursday, January 18th, 2007
11:43 am
Finally got to play again...
I had too much energy last night so I stayed up and played for about 3 hours. :) I took my Ranger and finished up one of the two attribute quests (in the first one). Man, that's a lot of work to get that done. I'm kind of stuck on the 2nd one because there are just so many enemies around it's nutzo.

I'd have to say that one thing about the game that's bugging me is that the only way they make it harder is by adding more baddies. Why not put in bigger, crazier enemies instead of a bunch of little ones? o.o Oh well.

Current Mood: cranky
Monday, January 15th, 2007
11:53 am
Found 2 programs that can help GuildWars (and your computer) run faster :)
I stumbled on to this about a week ago and gave it a shot. The company is called IObit (iobit.com), and they seem sort of new, but so far they seem to have some great products. :)

(•) Advanced Windows Care V2 Personal is the first one I tried. This thing has the same set of tools as Norton's Systemutilities package but runs faster and takes up less resources.

It's very easy to use and quite comprehensive and I noticed a difference after just one use. It's free, so give it a shot!

After seeing that program was worthwhile, I decided to try out their disk defragging program, called (•) SmartDefrag. I turned it on last night and did a manual defrag before I went to sleep, and again a noticable difference.

Not only is this thing quite fast, it also has one of those nifty defrag-as-you-go type options. When your computer is idle it will defrag your hard drives with out any intervention from a human. :) Also you can schedual more defrags if you like very easily too. (I got mine to start at 3:00am on sunday, because I know I'm asleep then) Again, this is also free, so give it a shot!

And lets get this place up and running again. o.o Too quiet.

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Sunday, October 8th, 2006
1:46 pm
Murrr Scythe
So this Group is gonna have more life in it now now that Nighfall is comming out soon? I tried the Scythe warrior class and he ROX yur SOX! AoE insta cast spells, that become delayed enchantments that blow up in 30 seconds for more damage!
Saturday, June 10th, 2006
2:42 am
Just got GW today!
Hello everyone! I just installed GW and rolled up a healer and quickly discovered that it isnt terribly easy to make quality friends right away in the game >.< there is a LOT of random irritating stupidity in the starting city.

As a result I am both fairly lost as to starting out and a little lonely. Finding this community was pure serendipity!

So I beg and plea... I want to make friends in game with you. Do we have a Guild/Clan (or whatever GW uses)? Save me from the foolish humans that run rampant! Hehe.

Seems like a very nice game though. Reminds me a little of Diablo (not as much as Titan Quest does, though... Hehe.) But a free instanced alternative to playing my MMOs will fit right welcome on my PC. And it's been forever since I gamed with my fellow animals.

-Plushielove the Mongoose
Wednesday, June 7th, 2006
12:46 am
Heya! :3
Well, I'm completely happy where I am guild-wise with a bunch of my friends :P, but I'm completely open to giving people a hand since I'm getting bored of pushing my last Factions-based character through, let alone that I'm going to have to get her from LA to end on Prophecies -_-. And then get my 3 Prophecies characters through Factions. So yeah, distractions would be a major plus. Guess I might as well post my char's names and classes here.

Kiji Saito (Necro), Death By Tonberry (Mesmer), Terin Yinyarlith (Ranger... ranger down! >.>), Ryin Zinaire (Monk), Yuira Kinza (Ele).
First 3 are basically only through Prophecies and a tiny bit of Factions (Up to Nahpui Quarter at most). Monk's through all except zones pre-Lion's Arch and some of the Kurzick side, Ele's at Sunjiang District.

So yeah, don't be shy to drop me a PM in game if you want any help on missions, quests, skill capping, or something. I'll probably give a hand as long as I'm not in the middle of a mission.
Monday, May 1st, 2006
1:06 pm
I just got Factions! Who's side are we on?
Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
1:19 am
My first reporting of violators...
Well, I finally got fed up with all the people who are spamming the local airways with their buy/sell traffic (which is supposed to go in the 'trade' tab). So I filled out a report, took a screenshot, and there you go. Hopefully something will come from it. I'll probably do one a week or so. I know for a fact that they ban people who use bots, so.. we'll see. *evil*
Saturday, March 11th, 2006
12:48 am
Huge update, eh? Guess they are preparing for Faction's launch. :) Looking forward to it. ^_^

Current Mood: okay
Sunday, March 5th, 2006
2:44 pm
What's your status...
I figure I'd do this monthly or so. Just tell everyone who you're characters are, their level, how far they are, etc. :)

I'll post mine here soon. ^_^
2:07 pm
How many furs are going to get the update when it hits this April?

I'm really looking forward to making an assassin warrior, peronally. But a ritualist monk would be cool too. :)
12:53 pm
Rawr! I know theres a few Furry guilds out there, but in most cases they are scattered, dont know about eachother, and/or disorganised with lots of drama. (you know which one that is Roo ^.^)
I think an effort for this board could be to get all furs who play unified into one super guild.
Also, something that is going to be NEEDED is find out info on the 2 factions, and make sure we all join THAT one. Otherwise we'll be split forever in a Horde vs. Alliance war.
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